Say Goodbye to

Empty Seats

Fill cancellations, reach out to “next available” clients and engage your stand-by customers. OpenSeat makes it simple!


Dentist, Hairstylist, Personal Trainer, Therapist, Plastic Surgeon…we’ve got your openings covered


Add your clients and start filling your open seats.

Instant Results

98% of smart phone users open their text messages


Only pay when you need a cancellation filled.

Instantly Notify Your Clients of New Opening

Don’t let open seats cost you because of a cancellation. Take action and reach out instantly to your clients to fill that spot.

Got a list of clients that want the Next Available appointment? OpenSeat is the perfect solution to let them know that they could be next.

No More Unproductive Telephone Games

Don’t play the telemarketer game just to leave countless voicemails. Your SMS notification will reach all your interested clients in seconds and you’ll know within moments who’s filling that cancellation.

Maximize Your Income

OpenSeat will change the way you look at cancellations, from an unsolvable, unavoidable problem, to an opportunity to get stand-by clients to plug those unexpected holes. Load their names and cell phone numbers, send out a call to action and keep your schedule full and customers happy!

Don’t Let Another Empty Seat Cost You

Take action on cancellations, no shows, or slow days & let your clients know with OpenSeat.

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