Save Time

Fill open seats with ease.

Send openings to your client list with just a few clicks. Happy clients and increased revenue.

Mark Clients Happy

Delight your client and customers

Offer appointments as soon as they are open. Keep your staff busy and your income flowing.

Increase Your Revenus

Meet or exceed your revenue goals

You only pay for Openseat when you need it. There is never a charge unless you use it.

How simple is OpenSeat to use?

It's very simple. Here are the steps.

  • Sign up with Google
  • Add your company info
  • Add your clients
  • Create an opening or offer
  • OpenSeat sends texts to your clients
  • First responder gets the opening

Openseat is a tool that helps professionals, or anyone with a calendar of appointments, quickly fill empty seats. An open calendar slot means lost revenue. With Openseat you can fill it in a flash. Just load your client list and then offer the opening to them.

Best of all you only pay for Openeseat when you use it - $0.05 per SMS message. Simple pricing. Powerful results.